Skinfluence™ Everyday Serum

Skinfluence™ Everyday Serum - Rulo™ Skin
A water-based serum for the face that is clinically proven to restore moisture, and induce skin barrier repair. Contains BioBloom™, a patent-pending food for your microbiome.

15mL / 0.5 Fl. Oz.

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Dull Skin
Combination Skin

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Cary P.
Rulo Member: Yes!
Even hydration across combination skin

I have often struggled with combination skin. Put too much moisturizer on and I feel like my face is swimming all day long. But put too little on other areas, and I'm dry and burning. With this serum, it's simple: just a light, even layer oven my face and the dry areas are super soft and smooth, and the greasy areas are also under control. Simple, easy, fast, and I even have some fine lines slowly disappearing.

Emily Y.
Rulo Member: Yes!
Game changing Serum!!

I have tried a LOT of skin care products - especially serums and ones that are natural or pregnancy safe and have always been underwhelmed - until now. I noticed a bigger difference after using this product for 2 weeks than I ever have from months of using other products that claim to have the same effects. My skin, which is usually frustratingly both dry and oily and often blotchy is beautifully smooth, moisturized but not shiny, even toned and somehow even my pores look smaller. I don't fully understand the science behind it but they must really know what they're doing - it's magic as far as I'm concerned. They've got a happy and loyal customer here!

Gabriella D.
Rulo Member: Yes!
Serum and moisturizer in one

I have noticed that after about a week of using this serum, my skin tone is more even and more radiant. My skin is soft and amply hydrated. I feel as if my pores are less noticeable as well. It absorbs within a couple minutes and doesn't leave my skin feeling greasy or dry. It feels like a serum and moisturizer all in one. I'm looking forward to using fewer products!

Amanda S.
Rulo Member: Yes!
Excellent product, noticeable changes!

This serum exceeded my expectations! I had a hard time initially trusting that one product could do so many things but I’m convinced! My skin feels hydrated and my skin tone has evened out. Many of my finer lines and wrinkles have improved and I even noticed a significant difference in a scar on my neck after using this product. I do feel like it took my skin 3-4 weeks to adjust when I switched to this product but it was worth the wait! And the simplicity of using less products makes it so easy to keep up the routine. I haven’t had compliments about my skin in years, until I started using Reuleaux. Highly recommend!

Wendy H.
Rulo Member: Yes!
I love this serum.

I’ve been really happy with my skin since I started using Reuleaux. My face feels so soft. The texture appears smooth. After using the Everyday Serum for 3 months I went into my favorite plastic surgeon for some Botox maintenance. The doctor was surprised when she needed less then the usual amount of Botox for my appointment.