Backed by a team of industry-leading scientists and skincare enthusiasts, we are combining groundbreaking proprietary scientific research and product formulation to bring you an entirely new class of natural skincare and consumer products. 

We have shown through clinical research that your body, and the microorganisms that coexist with it, know what they need and how to get the job done - if they are given the right tools to do the job. 

The problem is that our modern world throws a lot of irritants at your skin, including topical skincare products that are, at their core, foreign substances to your skin and biome.

The core of our products is our proprietary health food for your skin that acts deep within the skin over time to strengthen it where other skincare products can't reach. Our products fundamentally improve skin health without any long-term rebound.

Rulo's Core Philosophy


NATURE - We find ways to work with nature for the care of your skin. There is no disruption of your skin's long-term health, its microbiome, or pH balance. Our results are long-lasting and don't alter the balance of your skin biome like other products.

YOU - Your skin has the tools it needs, it just needs coaching on how to get the best results in a world of constant bombardment from foreign substances (like other skincare products), pollutants and chemicals. Your skin biome feeds off our products in a very targeted way and doesn't fight them. That makes them massively effective. 

SCIENCE - We rely on clinical studies and transparency in our work as scientists. Our products are built on our patent-pending technologies- made and developed in-house. We promise to loop you into our research and to put evidence and the ecosystem first.

Sound interesting? We work directly with our Rulo Membership community to produce products. Join us and help redefine skin health and happiness.


 The Team 


Dr. Nicole Scott, MPH, Cofounder and CEO

Nicole has struggled with bouts of atopic dermatitis and has family members with severe eczema. She’s loved skincare for 3 decades, but has struggled to find products that make a meaningful difference.

Nicole’s mission is to make products that make a meaningful difference to human health.

She co-founded Cybele Microbiome out of her over 20 years of experience in population and statistical genetics, the microbiome, and the metagenome. 

Nicole trained as a statistical and population geneticist at the University of Michigan for her PhD and University of Chicago. She is an expert in the microbiome and metagenome. She is cited >3000 times, is an active NIH and NSF grant reviewer, a member of the NIAID PPC/TTP workshop for skin applied insect repellents, as well as an invited speaker in the microbiome and metagenome space.


Brian Jessup, Masters of Engineering, Co-Founder

Brian has suffered from severe skin inflammation for 30 years. Prescription medications could lower the inflammation, but never shut it down and there would always be a rebound.

Over a lunch with Nicole, Brian learned about the incredible clinical advancements found in using biological pathways to produce what the body needed, exactly where it needed it. All we have to do is feed the cells of the body the right food.

Brian wants to change the current dynamic from using short-term, foreign substances that cause long-term harm to using effective treatments that leave no trace. Rulo is just beginning.

 Our advisory board is on the forefront of the microbiome revolution:

Dr. Rob Knight: expert in the microbiome and current CSO Biota Technologies Inc., current Director of the Center for Microbiome Innovation and Professor of Pediatrics and Computer Science & Engineering at UCSD, Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science and of the American Academy of Microbiology, author of “Follow Your Gut: The Enormous Impact of Tiny Microbes”, co-author of “Dirt is Good: The Advantage of Germs for Your Child’s Developing Immune System", and spoke at TED in 2014, created gold-standard microbiome bioinformatics pipelines QIME, QIITA, and QIIME2 and standard methods of analysis such as UniFrac

Dr. Pieter Dorrestein: expert in chemoinformatics and metabolomics. Cited over 20k times. Created and maintains GNPS database. Profiled in Nature, CNBC, NY Times, Washington Post, and CNN. Current UCSD Professor-Skaggs School of Pharmacy; Director Collaborative Mass Spectrometry Innovation Center; Co-Director, Institute for Metabolomics Medicine.

Dr. Janet Warrington: current SVP Centrillion Biosciences, a founder at Second Genome (a microbiome company), created the first FDA approved genetic array technology

Dr. Jeff Lievense: Senior Advisor to CEO at Genomatica, former Amyris VP, expert in genetic engineering

Larry Allgaier: former CEO of Novartis OTC and president of Mars-Purina, CEO New Chapter (acquired by P&G), current Partner JAB Holding Company

Craig Elbert: current CEO of Care/Of, former Head of Marketing at Bonobos (exited to Walmart)

Graham Rigby: Current CIO of Care/Of a vitamin/supplement company, former CIO of Organic India and former CIO of New Chapter (acquired by P&G), launched countless products in the consumer and direct to consumer space; Board of Trustee member and Chair of the American Herbal Products Association

Michael D'Arminioformer Chief Creative Officer at Arbonne Cosmetics and Philosophy skincare, experienced skincare marketing executive

Dr. Vik Rao: Executive Director of Research Triangle Energy Institute, former CTO Halliburton

Damien Perriman: MBA SVP business development specialty products at Genomatica, former Dow Chemicals and Verdezyne 

Dr. Eddie Adams: Current CSO of Micronoma, former director of R&D at Mobio (acquired by Qiagen), MIT and Harvard.

Dr. Justin Kuczynski: Google Senior Developer, Microbiome expert and data scientist, former senior scientist at Second Genome, wrote gold-standard microbiome processing software QIIME, Ph.D. with Rob Knight