About Rulo

Dr. Nicole Scott, Founder of Rulo SkinRulo’s founder, Nicole Scott, PhD., MPH, brought her passion for health and preventative medicine together with her expertise in the microbiome, to form a company whose sole purpose is to improve the health of all skin, whatever age, concern, or composition that it is.

With a diverse team of physicians and scientists focused on peer-reviewed, evidence-based skin science, Rulo is leading the development of highly-effective skincare products that take a long-term and whole-body view of skin health.

My husband and I suffered from the itching, flaking and broken skin of atopic dermatitis and eczema. Like so many people, we were locked in a constant back and forth between which was worse: the symptoms or the side effects of the treatment. 

Multiple trips to the dermatologist led us to a journey of over-the-counter solutions and prescriptions. All of them were fundamentally flawed - they did not treat the whole skin system and could not restore health to it long-term. So we continued in the ‘flare and repair’ cycle.

I knew from my time in the microbiology lab that our skin relies on its microbiome for environmental protection, moisture, healing, and a host of other necessary functions. 

A solution that incorporates the microbiome is going to be more effective and have fewer side effects. That is why there is so much interest in prebiotics as a ‘whole system’ answer to skin concerns.

But the so-called ‘innovation’ around the microbiome in skincare was not living up to its promise. Once again, products are relying on the same old active ingredients, just reformulated with a general prebiotic. Or worse, they make specious claims regarding probiotics or postbiotics. 

I knew what was possible with prebiotics: to feed the microbiome in a targeted and healthy way to induce it to work together with the body to produce the healthy skin we so desperately wanted. 

So I founded Rulo Skin, and together with my amazing team, we have developed revolutionary, proprietary prebiotics that are backed by science. 

Our commitment that comes with every product we produce: a product will not get the Rulo label unless it has high effectiveness and well thought out long-term impacts on the body, microbiome ecosystem, and the environment. 

In the end, we want long-term, effective products that restore health. We don’t add ingredients for marketing purposes, we add them because we know they work. 

Our customers are our family, and we hear them describing us as ‘the long-term, healthy skin company’ and that is truly the goal.

-- Dr. Nicole Scott

Our vision is that someday all people will have their healthiest, happiest skin.