Probiotic Body Wash & Shampoo

Probiotic Body Wash & Shampoo - Rulo™ Skin

Tough on eczema triggers, not on you.

To keep eczema flares at bay, you need to wash away the daily build-up of pollution, irritants, and other triggers that invade your skin barrier.

Our Probiotic Body Wash & Shampoo is carefully formulated with soothing, non-irritating ingredients to lift away triggers before they penetrate your skin barrier and to support your living skin barrier: the microbiome.

We started with safe, gentle ingredients that effectively wash away the pollution and dirt, then we added a probiotic that supports and rebalances the microbiome, reducing the impact of inflammation-loving microbes on your skin.

The end result is a body wash and shampoo that goes beyond mere cleansing and gives you peace of mind knowing you are supporting your skin's natural defenses against flares.


473mL / 16 fl. oz.

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60-Day Moneyback Guarantee

Designed for Sensitive Skin

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The Science

Here is some of the third-party research that backs the "why" and "how" all this works.

Why Rulo?

We are a diverse team of scientists and physicians dedicated to healthier skin. Our products are evidence-based, designed with minimal ingredients, and respect the microbiome and environment.

We create long-term, effective products that restore skin health.




"So that someday all people will have their healthiest, happiest skin"